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Has Bitcoin Become Boring?

Bitcoin started 2024 off with a bang.  With the approvals of the ETF's, interest greatly increase Bitcoin's price got to an all-time high.  The price went from $40,000 to peaking at $73,000 on March 14th.  For almost three months now the price has been fluctuating between $58,000 - $71,000. Google searches have gone down and public interest have gone down. People have got bored with Bitcoin.


Right now the price has reached $70,500, is it poised to finally breakout?  I can't say yet.  But Hans and I call this last leg in the bull cycle the "Rocket Ship", where price goes ballistic. 


With the approval of an Ethereum ETF, economic warning signals, and political chaos, it looks like boredom will make way for spiciness.


This week I will be breaking down some of the issues on the horizon in this newsletter, so stay tuned!



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